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Blossoms of the Dakini.

“Aspiring to the levels of realisation and liberation
Means deviating from bodhi;
Aspiring to obtain happiness
Is the great suffering;
Aspiring to attain the state beyond thought
Is another thought.
If you understand this,
Seek no further.”

(Princess Gomadevi)



I neither believe
Nor disbelieve
The thoughts that arise in me.

They are a mellifluous river,
A breeze in a high place;
Sounds and sensations
That arise and disperse,
Flowers that open and fade,
Stars revealed and obscured by cloud.

I move, the road stays still.
I stay still, the road moves on.

Following the paths of my ancestors
I return to their dwelling place.

Following my own path
I become lost in dream.

Staying still,
I listen to the forest;
Sun and moon dance before me.
The road disappears,
The need disappears.

One feather, one petal
Comes to rest.
Movement dissolves.




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