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Tree Spirit Healing, like consciousness and like life itself, is essentially very simple.

It is the inter-relationships, the commentaries on their structures and nature, that often becomes complicated.

Silence is consciousness.
All thought, all language, is a commentary upon the nature of thst silence.

The paradox of Tree Spirit Healing is thus to acquire a state of stillness thriugh different types of activity.

The theoretical basis of these processes and explanations are pointless unless the healing is apparent and evident. So what do we mean by the term “healing” ? ……..



“If there is a tree or some other plant that seems to have no power or virtue, then you do not know that tree or plant well enough.

Trees of power, plants of power,
All creatures,
Are doorways to the unlimited power of the Universe.

All trees are trees of power.
All plants are plants of power.

Find the key-
Open the door.

Shadows, mirrors, reflections, memories:
every aspect is true,
But partial.

(Motherwort spirit)


Wish of the Tree Spirit Healer

From the still hub,
The silent centre
Where fire and water,
Earth, air and ether
Are held in equipoise:

From the radiance of life
We call ‘tree’
I ask for the wisdom of speech
I ask for the wisdom of listening
I ask for the wisdom of understanding.

May the spirits who dwell
Within the forn,
May the spirits who flow
Through the form,
May the spirits who dwell
Behind and beyond the form
Of the radiance of life
We call ‘tree’,

Feed us
Sustain us
And walk with us
Until we have learnt
To feed,
Sustain and walk
By ourselves-

And then
May we play together
In the vast joy
Of this planet-mother,

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An Apple Song for the Ripening Year.

Now that the year falls full
and the fruit weighs heavier each day
on the green branches;

Now that the sun
Fills the air with heat
And rolls all night just below
The distant hills

Now, it is right to sing
Of the Giver of Fire,
The Fulfiller,
The World’s Heart,
Illuminated Joy.

I breathe in with my open eyes
Sucking the distance.

Sweet sunlight
Washing away
Completed time.

I breathe out along the long length
Of my arms and legs,
Flow from fingers and toes.

Sweet sunlight
Washing away
Completed time.

The apple is the quintessential fruit of the West. Indeed the word ‘apple’ is synonymous with ‘fruit’, hence many very different fruits are given its name: oak apple, May apple, pineapple… In the mythologies of the West it is the food of the gods, the ambrosia that enables immortality and delight in the regions of Paradise. It is linked to goddesses and golden light. Its shape mysteriously echoes the orbital path of the planet Venus, and cut horizontally displays the fivefold pentagram of the druids. The spirit energy of apple is a cleanser and purifier, satisfying and sustaining. The apple produces seed that will always have unique characteristics of form, taste and appearance. Apple is the epitome of abundance, the fullness and surprise of life.

The bright golden sun
I carry on the dark road.

The golden-haired one
Has given me
A tree of golden suns.

The bright golden one
Lightens my heart,
Illuminates my path.

The bright golden one
Leads me to rest
In the arms of summer.

The bright golden one
Leads me to feast
On the satisfaction of sunsets.

The bright golden one
Bathes me in bliss.

The bright golden one
Eases my journey
And leads me home.

The spirit of apple will help whenever one to wake up to what is unnecessary or harmful in life. It instigates cleansing processes. It sharpens awareness, counters indecision, fills with brightness and encourages an outward-looking optimism.


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