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Just a crack,
Just a sliver of light
And the words pour through….

A flock of birds
Noisy, impossible to number,
Impossible to fix the eye
On just one……

A sudden rush,
A pattern, a form
Turning in the clear sky,
Then gone
To the fine horizon…..


It would take (about)
Twenty minutes
To fall to earth
From the furthest, quietest, coldest
Edge of atmosphere,
Where air wisps into void.

Those who know
Say, once acceleration becomes steady
It feels like motionless floating
Watching the round world
In peace,
Glorious and free
Until the horizon begins to close,
To contract,
To speed, simultanteously,
Inwards and outwards
And gravity once more
Becomes velocity….

But if we were not to collide,
If, somehow, on our frozen descent
Matter, mind, breath
If translucence of the air,
Replaced the bounded blood,
The nestled organs,
The pumping familiarity,
The jealous identity of flesh…

And we passed through,
Still falling,
Still joyously falling,
The first jolt
Of rock and dirt…

Down in warming,
Dark silence,
New worlds –
Not death-dulled dust,
But a new, rich, atmosphere,
Layers of dance,
Dreams of fire taking form,
Vast equators,
Equations, interactions,
Slidings, scales tipped,
Scales iridescent,
Lands, oceans, airs,
A transparency.

Still falling,
As if floating,
As if free,
(and this is the wonder),
Then it would be,
Give or take,
Two more days,
Two more full days
Of falling
Down towards the heart pull,
(Core and cord),
Of the planet
Before the centre were reached
Before the golden,
Singing, spinning hub,
Before the ringing small sun,
The raison d’etre,
The opening question,
( little human),
Galahad before the Graal, perhaps,
Or simply
A coming home,
An end of falling,
A stillness,
Matter to matter,
The round simplicity
Of the sound ‘home’.


(End Matter)



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