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Singing hymns to emptiness
Sound disappears with meaning
The instant it leaves the mouth

We need gods to sing to,
Something of the familiar,
But made more important,

As if worms and weeds
Had not silently shaped
All we are and will be.

It is what rivers and stars do,
It is what sheep and birds do,
Sing out to each other
That thin, frail line between
Life and death and life again.

Greedy gods and good gods
One by one supplanted
Though their lives are aeons.

Fed by song, happy in their given shapes
Until the singing stops
Where they forget their names,
Hatch as butterflies hungry for nectar.

There are the great and there are the small
While the song is sound and silence.
The void: a pause between movements
Where the audience wonders if it should clap
But remains in stillness, held within
A lovely diminishing resonance.


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Trade Agreement

the gods that do not feed
who become the forgotten causes,
turn cranky, hungry, bitter.

but all the demons have vacated.
the halls of hell cobwebbed, silent
(except for the spores of black souls
waiting, encysted in excuses).

they are incorporate, wined and dined,
no need for sleight of hand:
the old tricks of greed and gold,
perennial, unfailing.

hard to tell them all apart
(if ever distinction were possible),
these hollow, mewling gods,
these sly, cancerous demons,
these fantasists of bright science,
this clean severance of fission,
these meticulous drones.

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