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sunlight drifts lazy, slow, over hillsides
like the thoughts of man
and sleepy gods.
hunched low, these wild Cambrians
hide their own
merciless uplands with steep green:
ascending oaks and the downward rushing
waters that name the valleys.

there is there.
a studded look of clouded rock horizon,
a descant of filtered light.

turn round, though,
and you will see
the high, dark wavered line of the Epynt,
shrouded, begrudging light.
a mystery of mysteries in smoke-wet valleys.

and here now,
the ravens flying from one to the other,
from glowering dark to shining light,
swimming across sheep-sprinkled valleys
all green even now at the end of winter.
the farms all gathered for lambing
and the cherry plum awakening
with the snowdrops and daffodils
and all.

St. David’s Day it is.
he who is a saint of the edges,
a decentralised saint,
a saint of hills and horizons
and sweet, cold waters
and the birth of Spring.

look here: a bright benign unfolding.
look there: a towering roar of grey-blue cloud,
toothed and grating the hidden darkened slopes.

a march between contrasts
a choice of choices
that become nothing
but a roll of change as it changes with the wind,
cold then wet, a speaking of days,
a laughter of uncaring bliss
and an end to certain righteousness.

so this cold wind has March on its edge,
a kiss of rain and mist and a hope of sunlit moments.
this world is a landscape
made of whispers.

the proud man is his own fool
who cannot see.
the humble know they breathe
the breath of others,
the echoing chambers, the sighs and footsteps.

this world, hung upon the cross as our deliverer,
and we, hung upon the cross of its directions.
one given to the other, mutually mixing,
a melting of forms and of thought,
A landscape made only
of whisperings.

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Dew beads the grasstops,
Drawn upwards by the moon.
Still air,
birdsong, too, rising.
My heart,
Hollow ghost.

Beading grasstops
Dew drawn upward –
The brightest moon

The brightest moon
Birdsong rising –
Cloudless sky

Cloudless sky –
My heart, weightless,
Turns like a ghost.

Turns like a ghost,
Moon in the west,
Seeks shelter
In the deep hills

In the deep hills
Night remains.
Rising birdsong

Rising birdsong
A world dividing.
Edges of the sky

Edges of the sky
Weightless heart
Moonlit dawn

Moonlit dawn
Rising and falling
The way of heaven

Way of heaven
Floating heart
Weightless souls

Weightless souls
Rise on birdsong.
The dew has fallen.

Taking wing
They rise and melt –
Departing moments.

Departing moments.
My weightless soul
Rolls over
In cool, moonlit dawn

In cool, moonlit dawn
Dreams depart.
The way of heaven.

The way of heaven:
One window, the moon.
One window, the sun,
Heart between,

The dead rise weightless.
Some to the sun,
Some to the moon,
Some to the hollow skies.

They rise on floating song,
The birds of dawn.

Turning slowly,
Moment by moment
Forgetting their names,
Into the eternal expanses
Of a patient heaven.


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