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Between the noise
Of the ordinary
It slides,
Wrenched voidwards.

We have banished the gods that forgave us.

Fractured sense,
Faith, trust crumbles.
We are bought and sold

Boundaries of hell worlds washed and fogged.

The future pools
Sickening slicks.
By root
We have cursed
Both branch and leaf.

No threat to our reason, no curb to our greed.

With shrugs,
With excuses,
By turning away,
With cowardice,
With arrogance,
We deny possibilities.

We whip on and ride the four horses, the skeletal winds, the wrack and ruin.

Our waste
Fertilises nothing.
We are clean and safe,
Comfortable and righteous.

And I do not trust the dream of flicker, the news of noble gatherings.

Where is there a land
Not soiled?
A path not sullied?

We defecate in the mouths of our children

And see it expedient, economic.
The tyranny unbridled, unbound.
We replace the spectres
So cunningly slain.

The world abandoned
To the demons inside us,
Nor shall we ever be forgiven.
I fear we shall never be forgiven.


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The insane
Present lucid arguments.

The sane babble
Dribbling incoherence.

Imprisoned and safe,
Citied in utilitied minds
Neat, swept clean.

Wolves and monsters
Hedged outside.

There are no doors allowed
This perfect construction,
And hardly a window,
So satisfied we have become:

These mirrors, these fashion items,
Neoned and bar-coded
Safe for consumption
( ever it was, ever it
Will be the name
Of a bitter disease).

Wake up, leave and
You will be naked
In front of all your lovers,

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