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turquoise blues green1

(forest of Caledon)

Green bed
Lie here safe.
Green heart
Rest here whole.
Green jewel
Rest here in light.
Over all and
Over Earth:
Wrapped in clouds
Held, not forgotten.
Endless is the mystery
Of life
Finding itself.
Sun and stars, even,
watch amazed.
Green heart of
All things.

the first of ten pieces attempting to encapsulate numinous landscapes of Scotland and the Western Isles. Landscapes that exist in memory, mind, folklore, as well as geographically. Access points to the Celtic (and pre-Celtic) Otherworlds. As a means to soul healing and the yearn of a return to an unreachable home

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It is now the few days of Winter Solstice, where the sluggish, low sun of the Northern hemisphere, appears to rise and set at the same place on the horizon. I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a virtual exhibition of a set of eight images that were created to express the dynamics of each turning point.

The style of these digital artworks is constrained by their component parts, which are largely symbols that I have created to represent (and transmit to the viewer), the dynamic qualities of different species of tree. For each festival a selection of tree energies was intuited, (alongside a few flower, gemstone and colour energies). these were combined into a mandala form.

The first image is “Light of Winter Solstice”:

Light ofWinter solstice

The next festival occurs around the 2nd of February and is known in this part of the world as Imbolc. Here then, is “Light of Imbolc”:

Light of Imbolc

This is followed around 20th March by the Spring Equinox; “Light of Spring Equinox”:

Light of Spring Equinox

The 1st of May (or more accurately, May Eve), is Beltane. Here is “Light of Beltane”:

Light of Beltane

Around the 21st June it is the Summer Solstice. “Light of Summer Solstice”:

Light of Summer Solstice

Around harvest-time is Lammas (2nd August). “Light of Lammas:

Light of Lammas

The Autumn Equinox arrives around 23rd September. “Light of Autumn Equinox”:

Light of Autumn Equinox

At last the year swing round to its starting and ending point, Samhain, (All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en) at the 31st October. “Light of Samhain”:

Light of Samhain

So I hope you enjoyed the show.

(Just by-the-by, if anyone wants a close look or feels a yearning to possess one or more of these prints, they are available on my etsy shop : http://www.etsy.com/shop/TreeSeer )

Happy Winter Solstice to All!

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