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Too many references to ‘super moon’, only one I saw to Guru Purnima, which is this full moon in July dedicated to all our teachers.

FAST SMOKE (Guru Purnima)

Through a fast smoke of cloud
This golden moon, full as it can be,
Wrapped with light and golden,
Arcs out of sight,
Golden in a golden morning.

From its vastness it has seen the sun,
Seen the day, breathed in light,
Exhaled in fullness.

Absorbed, we are absolved of necessity,
Filled up with ample goodness.
No need to know. Nothing obscured.
Nothing beyond reach.
Enfolded radiant, as this moon.


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Solstice: words revolve a standing sun.


On Momentous Occassions.

Not to be missed.
A once-in-a-lifetime experience!
This breath.


The Pleasurable Joy of Insignificance.

A seed on the breeze
Safe floating
Away from reach.

So small
In the hands
Of the world.

So safe
Amongst the cloak
of stars.

So small
So safe
No threat.

Floating free
Insignificant joy
Sparkle of bliss.


Two weeks of rain.
Finally, the moon!
An embarrassed smile.


Hemlock and mallow.
The dead revived,
Stretch thick green limbs.

Cat’s ear and wild privet.
The living exhale
To fuel the world.

Yarrow and blood poppy.
The skylark’s song:
Blue and vast.

The apple, the cherry,
Yet small and hard,
Dreaming of sweetness.

Elder, oh elder!
A circumference of passion,
Honey cream and pensive.

The thick warm air
Slow, turning.
The world wants not,
Waits not,
Curls and moves:
A sleeping cat.


When I look into your eyes,
Moon of Guru Purnima:
Silver ripples across my heart.


Steady rain.
No moon tonight,
Except the disc
Upon which you dance,
Goddess of Wisdom.


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