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In the mist at daybeak:
Ghost of whitened
Climbs thunderclouds.

Under eaves,
through slow rain spatter,
Small bats chase,
wings squeeking.

Still is the air.
We tumble
and totter
through space.

We are now such
A tower of cloud
And rain.

A roar,
A drumroll,
A whisper,
Percussed silence.

Leaving glistening
Green skin:
This world.

As she sleeps
I find her slopes
And gullies.
I love the
Familiar folds.
A rising mountain
I become
And she,
The deep greens
And valley dark.
No distinction:
One rising breath,
One landscape.
We, a loved land
Clouded and clear.


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red yellow blue6

(Faerie Travellers)

Cap of invisibility,
Cap of indivisibility.

From whence do the elements separate?
From the instant of central balance.

From what flows the certainty of form?
From the heartbeat between what was
And what will be.

At the corner of sight:
Eyeblink or distant lightning?

What you know will blind you.
The oldest foundations are no longer in sight.
The ancestors watch this world,
All have names, sing their genealogy,
Have woven you.

Sink into the weave,
The world wears you.

Wear yourself lightly
Leaving no footprints.

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How many, how few,
Shall squeeze through
The narrow needle’s eye
Between now and this uncertain future?

How many make it
Their own brief continuance,
Whether prize or damnation?
And what shall remain of us,
Our ways, words and love?

Seven times, (some say),
The world has broken,
The path between memory and forgetting
Scattered and almost lost.

The black barbed blackthorn,
Hard and dead of cold,
Braving buds, a blaze of onwards,
In thin sun and ice rain.

How may we, and from whom
Beg forgiveness, offer repair?
We, who will be nameless
With bodies lost and hollow.
Where shall they stand,
Those remnant few
Gazing motionless
At the silent orbiting decay
Of dying satillites?

The scouring voice
Of ravens flying east,
A wan moon amid
Unitelligible constellations.

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Here is a map of the main Celtic tribes of Britain. The areas vary from map to map, but this will give you a rough guide to what is generally accepted as accurate. There are many smaller subgroups named in Classical documentation about which we know almost nothing….

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