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The Stones Of Words In The Rivers Of Meaning


Is the most precious thing.

That which is unpartitioned.

That reaches roads longed for.

That unfurls sky landscapes unbounded.

That is the most precious.

That fills and empties and makes whole possible.

That wraps meaning in glory and silence.

That goes beyond meaning to mean more.

That flows beyond edges still singing.

That is utter silence enfolding, accepting.

That swells and feeds and gives succour.

That cannot be defined by limitations.

That is beyond and within.

The engine of breath,

The longing to exterminate failure.

To awaken, to sparkle, to feel more, to perceive more.

To stand on the edge of a precipice,

To leap and let go and not care.

To recalibrate, to forget.

To sing eternally.

To be welcomed home.

To be unsullied.

To become the story.

To be magnified.

An infinite expanse of meaning,

A means to go beyond here.

The awen – an inflowing and an outflowing.


It can possess but cannot be possessed.

That which carries us away.

Exponential expansion of fractal geometries.

Everlasting metaphor.

Edge of the mysterious void.

Extinction of destruction.

Edges dissolve

And we expand

Into the sacred more.

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Orion leans drunk
Upon the hill.

(The winter’s wine
Is its night air).

Rolling cold breath,
Sickle bright smile.

Knows the way home:
The well-trod way,
Wheels careless.

Drawn on by faint
Petticoat Pleiades
Perfumed and giggling.

Too far gone, always,
Ever to catch them.
(Faithful dog
Licking slack hand.)

He will slur a sea-shanty,
A limerick, a whistled
Through teeth
Tuneless tune
And roll on.

Neither happy
Nor sad.


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