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Stealthy as a cat
Night stalks a low moon.

A philosophy of cloud and rain,
A savoured language
Where trees and rocks
Become long, slow vowels.

The wet and fallen tongues
Of petalled roses
Cleaved to bough and path
Melting into something else.

Into the night,
Peeling words
From shape of vastness
And the thick, still silence,

While this world’s half
Dreams and settles down
In a bed of time and skittered light.

Cool along with the living
And the dead, all equal
In shadowed starlight

A tide of slight passions.
Rolling tongue, a roaring
Back and forth

But not so near
As to quell
The simple comfort
Of flecked
And flickered night.

Within its quiet purr
The padding cats
And careful mice
And white flow
Of owls

And the eternal rope river
Hurrying down the valley,
Tree-clothed and glorious.


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Dissolving, dissolving into light.

On a day such as today,
Filled with sunlight
And drifting gently
Into May-time,
If choice were
To be given,
If choice were possible,

On such a day
Would I choose
To melt away
To relax and let go
To return to stillness.

Eyes closed
In a garden,
Slowly breathing
the fragrance
Of lilac.

Thoughts floating
Between the spinning
Hum of bees,
The sweet song
Of blackbirds,

With no more desires,
No more questions.
Happy to turn away
Free from yearning,
Free from regret.

Descending into sleep,
As when a child,
To the sounds
Of other gardens
Other birdsong
Other laughter.

Turning to dust,
Dissolving into light.
Nothing to remember.

A quiet day of April peace,
Nothing remarkable,
An old man
Sleeping in the sun.

Into the evening-

The first stars
Of a perfect
blue day.


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