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As if holiness
Were a subtraction
They would have us
Feign goodness,
These bullies of belief.

Tracks of sparks in pathways of desire,
This darkened room, these walls and doors,
Appearing, disappearing.

A space to move in, a sudden halt.
Sparks and glimmer in the dark,
Sparks on roads, these gods, these equations.

This electric touch, this love glow
A scatter of sparks.
This blackbird in the morning,
This dull thud of bombs,
A scattering of sparks.

Sound and light
Sprayed along roads
Falling golden.
Configuring this dream.



continuing the themes on the nature of thought, the real, the truth, the seen, the unseen the creation of matter and the creation of meaning,

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( a local cosmography)

The tree of blood
The tree of impulses,
And finer still,
The tree of silver rivers,
The tree of memory and
The tree of possibilities.

Branching sight,
Branching sound,
The shape of light
Hitting solid edge,

The edge turned hollow
The hollow turned vessel,
The vessel filling with light.

Radiant fingers
Exploring being and not.
Holding and flowing
Magnanimous, curious,
Reacting. A central
Creating vision,
Hollow seed
Golden outwards.

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