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TANGENTIAL (stumbled sketch)

There: art, not a thing,
not a, not owned.
A consummation not consumed.
A mirror mirrored. What gods do.
Play innocent of consequence.
What childen do ( when they forget to be good or bad):
Follow the trains of thought noise feeling echo memory dream back back oh back.

Mr. Young,
Dr. Cold
seasoned by dust of science,
almost right, but then again…
Too serious to see the truth.

Tap the words, metaphor, semaphore,
Heirophant, hieroglyph, sign, sigil, psychopomp, or
Orpheus walking in the singing mists.
It is not this, but only just.
It is almost here, and then again…

A blurring.
Ink does it, that small spidering reach,
The small fibres sucking, new chaos stretching,
Mycelia of thought reaching out from meaning.
What Taliesin knew
( the bards struck speechless by
His seed syllables),
It is so nearly thought,
So nearly speech,
So nearly, nearly silence.
A catch of breath, a sigh.
Shall we turn round to look
Whose warmth stirs
The neck’s nape?
And will they then vanish,
Or us, ourselves, dissolve?
Unclothed before the tree,
Giving names,
Bestowing edge.
From where
The seven rivers
Mellifluous flow.
Sprung from the root
Of our moist tongues.
He, the seed.
She, the fruit.
Both vessels hollow,


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Do we create
What has gone before?

Back-brain commitees,
Manipulator’s of dream,
Or urge of the world’s word.
All, maybe, reaching for a hand, a tongue,
An instrument, sweet or loud,
To sing the old songs,
The forgotten histories.

A chorus, a fugue
Echoing through the aisles,
The wings, the ships, the stars,
Cathedrals of bone, temples of bone,
Resounding to the white noise –
The screaming sundering into time and space –
Nothing into something,
Something into something else.
Whispers of the first,
Pushing through to the last.

No choice, if the heart is beating.
No path, but rotate, expand, collapse.
No new view, no need for possession.
Nothing outside the Way of Heaven.
So give up this me and mine
Angst of name, fame, honour, like.
If the waves move through you
(Tides, tempests, zephyrs, whispers)
O Vessel of angels, defence of demons,
Inventor of nothing, commentator of mages,
Speak, write, shout, breathe.

Eyes that have seen everything
And forgotten,
Put it back
In our hearts –
The spark, the ember.
Every one of us-
A hearth of the sacred fire,
Never extinguished,
Ever-present light.
One of millions.
Small stars scattered,
Photons of cellular thought
There to glimmer eternally.


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