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Hush, now, hush.

It is the night river rush

In the cool stumbling dark.

Echoes of dogs twist the silent wings of stars.

It is the thrum of moments being born

From the ground sighing upwards.

Orion and his prey:

Every night the same story

But we never tire of it.

The roads we follow to make it right.

The roads we tread to follow on behind.

Night river, going and staying still.

The night river lullaby in its blanket valley.

Tucked away and breathing dreams.

Tucked away as the heat evaporates,

As heads empty of thought,

As bodies drape and forget themselves,

As breath joins the river snd leaves, and leaves.

Night river, the cold as smooth and sharp as stalking cats.

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She has bones of air,
Feathers of air.
Floating, she becomes air.
Horizon eyes of vast
And particular scope.
Unclouded the focus,
Bright with hunger-fire,
Bright with soul-fire.
Floating unworldweary,
Weightless, a jewelled heartbeat
Adjusting to each breath
And sigh,
the green valley air.


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