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This flimsy, delicate swish of hour’s numbers
Does nothing to still the tide
Of growing diminishment.
Daylight shrinks still
From either end
Of the dawn
and the dusk.
No use blinking,
No use turning back
or away.
The dark is rolling,
Storming down the hills;
The shadows creeping up the valleys;
The dead stirring, wakening,
Thinking about walking abroad,
Stretching thin and between the worlds…
The slender will turn gaunt,
The well-fed, complain.
In the thin rain, in the slicing blast
The candles will all falter, wan:
Light is a force
That fights the splintering months,
Of which we have too little
And none
To see
in this world
For an age yet….

afternoon skies: maples,wind and Beinn na Caillich, Skye

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