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(Stones of Callanish)

Ripples outwards.
Past, present, future, sitting down
To feast at the same table.
The ancestors from whom we descend
Graciously remain;
Their old,wrinkled faces,
Their stone fingers,
Reveal the bones, extracting
Meat and marrow:
This is where eternity crystallises.
This is where soul, stone and star converse.
Procession of coincidence.
The music of time.

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Tumbling muses, a cascade of language, a release from exactitude, so often poetry is not created, not constructed, never owned, not signed for in triplicate. It bursts upon the brain, insistent and immediate. Presumptious, impatient it will flounce off, melting into vagueness if not given full attention. ” If you don’t want me, I know someone else……”

The yaffle’s green laugh
Framing the numinous.
Splendour remains subdued-
The first splinters of Spring.

Time rushes silently by:
A wonder not noticed
But for a moment
Of pause.

Heaven is nowhere else
If it is not here, now.

When the sleeping wake,
when the dying relax,
When the conceited admit

Heaven will be here, now.


This is one of my new prints from “The Lights of Sovereignty” series. This one is “The Light of Beltane”. A bit early, but then my “Light of Spring Equinox” decided to depixilate itself so I’ll have to upload the original again! These images, mandalas of light, complete the Energy Cards for our
Range of Sovereignty Essences (except for “the Merlin” and ” the Earth Goddess” which will arrive sometime, hopefully!).

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