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LLYM AWEL verse 11(part2)

So we pass it round and drink
It round, drink the short day,
Block out the storm, the raging heart,
The dying, trembling roads.

All narrowed, tunnelled in,
The golden liquid cools the breath.
Tunnelled in, proud thunder,
A slap of light, a daybreak.

The circle of the fire:
A harbour, a warm twilight.
We turn inward, away from the wall.
The wild fields of weather
The clatter of cold, the fall of night.

It runs in circles
It runs between dark and light
It runs, unacknowledged, between the company.
Cold are the dark paths to night.
Cold are the long, twisting ways.
No peace in the restless bending treetops.
No rest in the sparkling sky worlds.
Time runs screaming, piercing the light.
All dawns, a false dawn.
A cup never refilled,
Bright the days
That drip and scatter.
The fires gutter and chill.
Senseless and forgetful we sleep,
The few hours of dulled grey,
The storm that is coming.


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( for Master Jewellers, Jesa and Al Marshall
on their 10th year in business)

Gold and silver:
The softness there
Of sun and moonlight.
No use
But to adorn time
In timeless glow.

The most valued
Of things
Of no use
But beauty

Heart’s desire:
To possess
And to be possessed
Of beauty.

Folded starlight
Folded suns
To adorn
Our dust.

The world made new,
Made glorious
By each small thing.

One moment
Of beauty
The darkest day.

This body,
This world:
A gift
From a
Million suns.


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