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ARCHED (part 6)

Echoed whispers.

Slow light

Fading slowly.



A thin, cool shell.
A golden cup
For space.

Earth wells up,
Slow bubbled bliss
Under flags and brass.

Remnant, skull.

Outline echoing
Slain god outstretched
(still dreaming),
Vines growing
Through splayed fingers,
Fingers growing into mountains.

Eyes full of light
Coruscating, kaleidoscoping,
A replaying of memory
And sound.

Illumination of dark corners,
Interface and intersection,

Of song.

quattrefoil screen

Stone’s song:
We, eloquent in edge,
Tumbling meaning,
Disguised as the living,
Guiding, naming,
Numbering the dead.

A condensation of merit
And tears, and beating blood.
A lithophone, an organ
For reverberation.
A song for endless sleep,
A cradle for dream.
An approximate eternity,
Outwearing centuries.

roof bosses1

wormwood and bay2

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west rose


A metaphysical machine,
A gravity well compacting creation
Into one stone shell.
Languages gathered ( towering to heaven)
Light, memory, word, life.
A clustering, intergalactic map,
Star chart, journey of the soul
Through all the spheres:
Thrones, Dominions, Seraphim.
The dangerous beauty, the thin line.
Transubstantiation – stone to forest,
Light to liquid, tears to glass,
Memory to porphyry, the world
Shadowed, brilliant boat of heaven,
Ark beached, upturned, inhabited.
Dust motes dancing –
The souls delighted, the souls
Coming to the Mother Ocean,
Blanketed in soil.

woemwood spirits boss

Hell Harrowed

Souls soiled sold solid some soft some scattered bitter bitter better to wake with wormwood wake to winter watch wanting play pray ring sing bright light.

a tree of three blessed branch cut curtailed cast down descending halls fallings hallowed allowed three keys harrow plough and sow bonds broken lost loosed let fly rising praising winged trumped welcomed home.

roof bosses2

dark foliate1

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ARCHED (part3)

The bardo of entrances.
Intermediate transitions,
One spliced into the other,
Time and space elapsing.

A slow cool outbreath of stone.
It requires a recalibration,
A rearrangement of the senses.

Time is tamped down
In dusty layers,

An inhalation
Of fractured light,
Absorbed, solidified.

Entering the cave of God:
His ribs, grey skin tight,
Desiccated, stretched out.
Pinned, hammered, sheltered.

We are slowly digested,
( the enzymes of faith),
Becoming less, and more,
Of ourselves-
Becoming one of the waiting.

Slow and turning
From cave
To cave,
( the frozen forests whispering
Chiseled curve and keel ),
A reconstruction of gravity.

Tree roots sky conjoined,
Arched, steepled.
Leaves, gold,
Fruits rotten,
Drift weightless, upwards,
Food for avaricious

An embroidery of whispers
An evolution of sorrow,
A still heaven
Waiting for a new

looking west

pierced light3

pierced light5

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I do not know exactly when I took these photographs, certainly a few years ago now. It is not so easy to capture low light distant images without a tripod. Many were so underexposed so as to be completely black. Quite an interesting process to reveal the hidden images, grainy and so resembling the garish contrast of night-vision goggles. The revealing of distant mysteries. Creatures of the Abyss. Phosphorescent trails. The cave, plant sight lit. Eyes open or shut?



First Commandments.

The first descent
From Sinai
Tutmoses made,
(said these tongues of stone,
Buried in the vaults of space,
Uprised, upraised, given voice
By faith and silent yearning),
He turned Lord Asar, Green Osiris,
Bursting green fire, plant enthused,
Vegetal, spilt his seed,
Red pomegranate lips,
Entwined his heart and loins
With lust of God,
Forgot himself,
Became unmanageable –
Lightning and cloud –
Unintelligible, a roaring message
No one dared listen to,
So they laughed and kept dancing,
Keeping warm by firesides,
The complaints of camels
And obedient women.


pomegranate carving2

green man2

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