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Bran’s tousled head hangs eloquent
From every night-burned alder.

Rust red are the wounded bracken hillsides,
Sour the long sedge.

Steep is the road,
All distance vapour.

Every hedge, a calligraphy of secrets
Taught by italic rains, slanted weather.

The trees stripped to syllables,
Each a sharp tongue and a scourge for empty vastness.

All glory hidden,
Sunk into the small, warm hearts of huddled things.

In barn and byre,
A shuffled silence,

Summer days mulled over,
Scented green against the cold.

Anointed, we are, with slow light,
Awaiting an older cermony:

A star in the east.
A sure opening and a soft, certain closing.


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This day


I would wish this day,
Its singing silence,
To remain untarnished.

Its silver stations
Engraving motions of peace.

Unhurried, unabated
Tidal coolness.
Translucent vessel
Of breezes.

Unholy, unbound,
Unassumingly radiant.

Exhalant vapour,
Winter’s breath.


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