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take this tight

fist of frost

sky knifed

star edge cold.

all night growing

winter chime

whispered seed.

Certain is

fools for fools

while the world turns.

Life and death

a blade edge breath

that flips and loves either.

The in and the out of it

that we would hold fixed

and steady as a sure eye.

King ‘til the Spring sun

smiles over the hill

and dreams of summer

quiet upon the air.

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Illustration is ” bone white hollows”, a sketch for a piece of silver darkness.


It shall return to silence soon enough,
So let the railing vent and blow.

They fall into nothingness:
Grains of irritation
That might turn to pearl
But instead accumulate
And smother for no good purpose
But decay.

And decay is within
That treasured storehouse,
That defining hall of measurement
Where all apparent becomes fixed
And sure.

All, all, fairy gold- dust and sticks.
No ell, no cubit, but all chains,
All a measure of inappropriate approximation,
Misreadings, misjudgments,
Missed, missing persons,
Never identified, lost;
Posted posters “Gone Missing”,
Abraded, disfigured by time
And unkind passings.

The subtle arc of self-destruction
So like flying, not falling.
But there it is:
A matter of perspective,
Parallax and doppler.
Red shift
As one by one
Certainties flicker out
Beyond reach.

I am, after all, it seems,
Defined by the shape
Of emptiness,
And maybe only that, too,
Is borrowed.

“And we scatter,
The many millions of us
In different directions,
Constantly muttering
Our own names
Lest we forget ourselves……”


Illustration is “bone claw moon”, a sketch for a silver design that may one day emerge from the mirk

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She pours it all out,

Empty, ringing.

She knows

Fullness will come again,

And she will pour

Herself empty

Without regret.

Teach us,

Mother moon.


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