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A cuckoo see-saws in the sunny dregs of May.

All the fractured warriors, pale and bloodless,

Sink into the seed-filled soil.

The winners and losers are the ones

Who laid out these fine roads.

So we can trust no other paths

Through the oak deep woods and sun-warmed cliffs.

They have buried their gold here and there

Like dinosaur eggs, cold hope and useless,

Without the thrusting love of bees.

We shall walk among the dead and borrow their dreams.

Bred for an ostentatious perfection

The roses strangled by a sea of happy weeds.

Yet we take the rose for our badge:

The blowsy, failing, propped and preening dream

Of old men and fanatics, and fight the weeds together.

The cuckoo mocks the sunny morning.

Innocence supplanted by an unbuilt guile.

The world see-saws on precipitance.

The stars, at least, remain, untouched

By this busy arrogance of being.

How many times shall I sing the same song,

O, Enitharmon? Until the long grey rains

Wash all footsteps away?

Gronw, Gronw, that stone over your heart shall not save you.

It will be laid out: the failings of desire and the roads of gold.

It shall all be sundered by the returning soul,

The tides of people, a song of weeds.

Sweet smelling idiots, the tiered hierarchies of perfect moments.

We have longed for its return – the resonant, ephemeral cuckoo.

But now its constant echo palls. It is no bard, but pure politician.

It ousts the futures of others, counts away choices, one by one.

The roads that are reasonable, are inevitable.

You had the choice a long time ago, if you recall, to be a hero

Or to fall safely into those ruts of good and equitable habit.

We have been charmed down from the tree now,

Given a voice, and we must fill the role assigned us.

To heave the future from its nest, watch it crack

Against the stones, and pray for food to still sustain us.

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Every demon knows the trick with butterfly’s wings.

Tesserae, perturbation.

The small becoming great.

An oceanic instability, a gram shifting,

A star dissolving into endlessness,

A thought let loose and floating,

A pinch of plutonium.

Weights and measures,

The weighing-up of Newtonian Laws:

Every demon is a mathematician at heart,

At home in the seventh hell of statistics.

Every scintilla collected, each iota measured,

Each ember sustained with warm breath.

Last straws gathered and categorised.

For everything begins with an itch,

A discomfort, a desire for other.

The angelic hosts slay ninety-nine

Point nine nine of the unrighteous.

The demons nurture the resistant few.

They know that majorities are powerless.

That it is the minority that always spark a new inferno,

That say: why? That plot and saw through the bars,

That dig out the mortar with their fingernails.

The invisible, the insignificant, the disregarded, the despised.

The debris of universes drifting together.

The small becomes great. No blame.

The well has run dry. Nothing furthers.

Seek elsewhere for survival.

The fittest have slaughtered each other.

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Illustration is ” bone white hollows”, a sketch for a piece of silver darkness.


It shall return to silence soon enough,
So let the railing vent and blow.

They fall into nothingness:
Grains of irritation
That might turn to pearl
But instead accumulate
And smother for no good purpose
But decay.

And decay is within
That treasured storehouse,
That defining hall of measurement
Where all apparent becomes fixed
And sure.

All, all, fairy gold- dust and sticks.
No ell, no cubit, but all chains,
All a measure of inappropriate approximation,
Misreadings, misjudgments,
Missed, missing persons,
Never identified, lost;
Posted posters “Gone Missing”,
Abraded, disfigured by time
And unkind passings.

The subtle arc of self-destruction
So like flying, not falling.
But there it is:
A matter of perspective,
Parallax and doppler.
Red shift
As one by one
Certainties flicker out
Beyond reach.

I am, after all, it seems,
Defined by the shape
Of emptiness,
And maybe only that, too,
Is borrowed.

“And we scatter,
The many millions of us
In different directions,
Constantly muttering
Our own names
Lest we forget ourselves……”


Illustration is “bone claw moon”, a sketch for a silver design that may one day emerge from the mirk

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