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DHRUPAD 20 (this moment)

Look, look, look now, this this this moment
this this moment, how it is, how it is,
this this moment, how it is, how still
how fast, how still, how fast, how sweet
how fast, river river river singing fast
how this moment river singing fast, singing fast
and slow slow light filters down filters leaf down
green down wavering waving wavering
leaf green filter down and dreaming
and dreaming dreaming mind watching nothing
in nothing in nothing in particular look look
this moment nothing in particular still and sweet
fast and how sweet how still how sweet
swinging cloud river silence wind river
silence green river, silence sky river,
silence shadow river, silence sweet sweet
how this is this is look dreaming mind
river silence how fast this moment
how still this fast particular moment
shattered split open open silent open
cool open eye open surprised by nothing
by nothing but itself carving time
and itself look look how it is
how it is how it is.

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What else should we call it
but a continuity of forgetfulness?

A tumbled consequence
carried away with itself.

A singing river stumbled over stones,
worn down, meandered, lost in slowing meadows.

A skylark hovered in boundless blue sky,
bobbing above folded, dreaming summers.

A veda, a hymn though, still.
An ornament, they say, a precious jewel
winged with inevitable waking into timeless ways.

The proscribed drunken rambling of slow-breathed,
shine-eyed hermits brought wisdom in broken cupped skulls
by lithe, smiling dancers.

The tongue-tasted words, nectar-sung words,
scribbled on leaves in golden letters, bright as fire.

A little madness, a note held sustained far, far too long,
escaping reasonable doors of breath,
But going onward nonetheless.

A wonder, really, that we do not all, forever,
die of laughter.
Always so tragic and beautiful
this fragrant thorned life is.


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This hollow, unrevealed sky.
Dipping, a magpie attempts a new meridian,
A straight flight to food or shelter.

The dead elms’ reaching fingers quiver;
Power chords, the cables roar.

We each and all must huddle and endure,
With the sparrows, with the ever joyous,
Garrulous sparrows – delicate and subtle
In their design, a clutch of heartbeats,
Warm, communal.

No malevolence in the weather.
No malfeasance in the storm.
Another day to sing about.

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On long tides
The rivers rest.

Longer than
Long moments
Of memory.

Swaying words
Swinging between meanings.

Lost days
Remembered and forgotten,
Sweet details, seasons.

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(Transience measured)

To carve in sound
The passing wings,
The roaring flicker of Time.

To hold up, turning slowly,
To reconsider, to honour,
The long and short moment
Immeasurable, of incalcuable value.

Ice equations melting with each sigh,
A collecting, falling, echo geometric.

Consummation by flame, bright dancing
For a moment, a transmutation ungraspable.

This location of variables,
Borrowed breath, quivered pattern,
Delineations: all immanent

Break the stream,
Suspend the pulse,
Question the lack of purpose,
The reason why,
And nothing further
Can be revealed
(The one answer already given).

This is the prize
For existing.
Why look round
For more?



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Eloquence of moments,
Tuned, fascinated.

Time when time
Turns visible.

Unfold the dawn:
A wooded hilltop
Crowned with
Swaying light.

A tentative colour
Of cloud,
An increase.

A commitment
To form,
A dance.

A fugue
Of entities,
A cascade
Of certainty.

In the windless valley,
But for birdsong.

Spacious and vast
This becoming

On the face
Of delight.


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Conversations with invisible friends(4). Herewith, before they get overlain with other things, another collection of bits and bobs inspired by the blog posts of others. For which I am very grateful….


Warm sun
And the dance of laughter,
Sinking deep.

(The weight of stone
Is its memory
Of moving things).



moving specks:
what is in my eye,
I see.
It may be clarity,
or clouded vision.
A message
or misinterpretation.



Fold mind
Fold sound
Find word
Sharp lines
Open, closed
Tip of tongue
Held between lips
This way
Then that way
Frozen form flows
Into paper.



Great folds of rock!
A lovely beach of curled words
and washed reaches.
What is not “supplement”?
(such a French word
made clunky 3:4 ,
almost an engine jive
with a touch of 4:4
(that gear change between ‘n’ and ‘t’,
a secret hidden pause as the mouth adjusts).
Mouth music.


Black and white
frozen light.

the inconsequent

LKeeping the fleeting
flicker of instants.

Remembering how easy
it is to forget.

Stealing souls or
letting them live



When the real
Pushes hard
We slip shattered
Holding still.

Transparent, even,
Beyond help
(though never really).

Between events
Distanced, grey,
Ghosted hollow by
Too many endings.

Sloughing skins.
Abandoning identities
That fail
(as if they were ever
Sure or sound).

Uncertain of echoes..

Tracing grey worlds
Mapping consequences
Of beginning and ending.

Sloughing identity,
Ghosted hollow…

When the real
Pushes hard
We slip shattered
Holding still.

Transparent, even,
Beyond help
(though never really)
Sloughing identity,
Ghosted hollow.



It is cellular,
how the body grieves,
despite tutting mind,
bright-rouged beliefs.
It is the bones,
the guts,
mycelial nerves.
The hymn of cells,
eternal charnel and chantry,
never expecting anything
other than to pass on,
to pass on,
to cancel,
to forget,
to never forget.


How still
The lashes of your eyes
Searching words
How still

How long
The slow rise of your breath
Searching peace
How long

How fine
The enamelled morning
Blue, shadowed
How fine

How light
The dive of swallows
above buttercup shine
How light

How still, how long
How fine, how light,
This filigree life
Floating skywards



Crackled clear
not yet broken.
Hold on or let go.
You will not be forgotten.


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A flood of gold
Danaƫ sighs
Morning sun.


Owl call
A single star


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