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The heart beats
Then it stops
Then it starts again.

How strange!
The eye that is
The organ of understanding
Is the well
From which fall tears.

Storm clouds rush in,
Salt on the air.
Amongst the leaves
A thrush singing:
Listen, listen, listen to me.
Beauty, beauty, beauty.

No heart can overtake
The long passages of time.
Beauty dissolves.
Kings, saints, seasons, tides
All vanish, vanish
Into the hollow hills.

The hollow hills
Will vanish into the sea
And sunset.

The eye
Forever bathed in tears,
The heart that starts
And stops –
The thrushes song.

The clouds
Pass over:
On the mounds of the dead,
Dancing with the eternal dancers.

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How many this night
Will not see the dawn?
Will turn away
And in an instant, forget?
In silence, or with a sigh
One by one release the senses,
Taste the fragrance
Of every memory
Then let them scatter.

We are a drift, a chord,
Bound and loosed,
Spun strong and thin,
Too thin for even strong words
To hold for long.

Release this dream
To find another.

Solace and grace,
The scent of pine needles,
Birdsong in the morning,
A familiar voice
Calling from nearby.

Turn away,
Turn away.
Dawn can come at
Any time.


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Moon screeches across the sky-
Chalk on board,
Ice dust on the wind.

Layered circumspection
Is no wiser than
Reckless certainty.

Inside me
Scream a thousand
Small possibilities
Extirpated, snuffed out.

Inside me
A thousand more arise
Radiant effulgence,
Birth smiles.

It will take
No time at all.
It will take no time
To wipe all this away.
Swept clear,
So fragile
This dream.

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