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It is the changing light
That is making the distant hills dance.

It is the falling voice of crows
That weds autumn to the stilling air.

It is the accumulated weight of days
That pales the valley oaks to gold.

It is the forgetting of our own dreams
That fills us so with pathless grey dawn.

It is only hour by hour in the garden’s work
That we learn a steady, silent patience.

Bending down to earth between a hum of flowers
Doing only what can be done,
Doing only what is timely.


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Should we
look for answers,

forcing that fragile seed
of knowing
to sprout?

Or simple,
garden our questions,
the burgeon of complexity,
the fertile stretch
for light,

and delight
in tangled undergrowth,

hoping one sunny day,
for a fine
perfect flower,

whose curves inward
drown all words,

a nectar to dance about,
coordinates to silent perfection,

a perfumed breath
in and out.



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