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Sitting without time,
Outwith its wild unheard roar.

Moments snowmelt vanishing,
Undoing forgiven, unknowing acquiesced.

Oh, Birds of dawn, the hills are laced with cold.
Blue air placid, blanket weighed.

A roll of mist is daybreak,
A disassembly of constellations.

Sky ceiling lifts and breathes out.
Two ravens sliding sideways blackly.

The simplest lessons hardwon:
To rest without time,

All hungers melted.

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Six Haiku for Timeless Days

Cloud upon cloud
Over the still water
A cuckoo’s voice.


The wind
Is the ladder on the horizon
That those tall clouds climb.


The thunderstorm.
In this deserted garden
Only you and I,
Little frog.


Rain running off
A horse’s flanks.
The longest day.


Stone, standing
In an empty field.
Waiting, maybe.


My old home
– memories
Where I left them.


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