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DHRUPAD 3 (blackbird song)

Blackbird rain, blackbird river,the rich so rich evening cool air, evening rich scent air, blackbird still river standing cool. Pines whisper the breeze the breeze the slide knife heart song thrills, mellow knife heart knife song. Rounded world voice river now ripple now voice. Apple rounded, juice voice, drip drip drip voice, echoed stone voice, remembering voice, saying floating cool rain voice. Golden smooth and jet black shiny voice. Rain split, rainbowed wrapped twist thread, weaving woven gold and gilded through and through, this warm this cool this water clear air song voice moment. Stopped and started time held and space thrilled, sun and moon and stars all, all named together, one river named, one moment twirled named, this river sorrow joy river, this eye opening out, vast vast this throb, this little throat, this heart, heart full, rain washed, cool washed, all washed, voice river, named.

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Cloud is low, a light rain.
The rivers will rise, and the cuckoo’s voice.
These is no road to happiness.
Sit still a while. It is here.

In cities sprout the sudden
Intricacies of deceit:
New plans of action;
Words dressed, eloborate dances.
Fear cultivated as if it were virtue.
Hypnotic screens drip poison:
Connla’s Well on every tongue.
We rear the monsters of others.
The monsters of our own,
We have not recognised.

Shucked out and flailing,
Naked goodness pecked by crows,
Growing cold as the summer
Warms the wooded hills.

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View from a mountain garden (part one)


a house is there,
below the dome of mountain.
in days past
it might have been said
that it nestled ‘neath
the beetling brow
of raven-dark crags.
it is where
the high lands,
the sky lands, stumble and slide
in rough, grey steps
to crouch, dreamy eyed
on dappled sunlight in grassy pasture,
no longer scoured bald with fast airs,
nor woven grey in slow fog.
just here, now, they open slow stone hands,
release the waters, silver and peat-brown,
in streams and bogs and falls.
a tumble of white rush, an ache
of distant noise between
silent rustling oaks, lost in
deep and distance that is measured
and marked by slow drifting sheep,
the pools of sunlight scudding east.

it is a long time staying still, a dwelling,
piled up, re-walled, obscured, uncovered, re-used.
a pronunciation of name, a genealogy of comfort
and shelter, hope and hopelessness, a garden
and a rusting, a perch between here and heaven
and a bell to the beyond beyond that.

these are the colours of a day.
a day before Spring with cold winds
and a sun remembering warmth
and the palest of blue,
fragile blue,
mist-filled, hazy skies……


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Swathed, mist cool
Tasting blue dawn
As still as an egg

Hushed as only August can be
Held in a lap of seasons
Replete, ripening,
Remembered now
The bite that is frost,
The gradual fall inwards.


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