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Harnessed in silence
It shall fold itself
Back into the morning.

Voiceless, comforted
Into the cool slow sunlight
And the mist by the singing river.

It shall be polished with ashes,
Burnished by breath.

And we can not help but die,
But that is not the problem.
Says the breeze in the pines,
The breeze in the chapel pines.

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Inlaid with birdsong,
Lost in fog
Brightening white and slow,
This damp still morning.

Dog distantly barking
(pointless metronome),
Counting moments,
A question never answered.

Distance cancelled, hushed.
Everything pools close,
Strange and familiar,
Owned, disowned.

We are become the sky
Clouded and vaporous.
Dew, web-hammocked,
Anaesthetised, drowsed,
Awaiting the sun and
Its breeze from the sea.

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