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This land,
The land of the dead,
A second skin, translucent,

At the centre of each apple,
The sign of love:
The fivefold mutable, son and mother.

Over mountains a cream and violet fog,
Rolled, undulous, attentively folds.
A mysterious union,
Somewhat secret and holy.

The sky, a long vowel, holding its light.
A fluent time,
A tickled, breezeless sigh.
Not so still as to be nothing.

For the tiny roar
Of valley trees, a whispered thing
Measuring miles.

Vaporous drop,
Drip, congealed,
A reflected skin of nothing,
A silver round fruit,
Womb, belly, dream.

This skin
Is our beautiful horizon,
An inner organ.
Our own birdsong:
A poetic heart.


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Inlaid with birdsong,
Lost in fog
Brightening white and slow,
This damp still morning.

Dog distantly barking
(pointless metronome),
Counting moments,
A question never answered.

Distance cancelled, hushed.
Everything pools close,
Strange and familiar,
Owned, disowned.

We are become the sky
Clouded and vaporous.
Dew, web-hammocked,
Anaesthetised, drowsed,
Awaiting the sun and
Its breeze from the sea.

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