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Old Friend


We are declining, you and I,
As a dream that senses dawn.
Certainty thins and colours wan,
The story, less convincing, wavers.

Many we have known have now awoken.
Lost to us, they have slipped into new light.
Our hearts now as silent as autumn,
Feeling the creep of gold and azure;
A yearning to be wrapped in simple night.

The mantra and its music still infuse our bones,
The hum of joy within the blood.
Our future is a low mist, down on the hills,
A pearly light that moves with mystery.

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this dreaming breath
named from a confluence
long streams tumbled for a while
on the meticulous dance of sun and moon
clothed in scars and mystery, veiled, draped about.
shaped by a host, a singing constellation of unnamed stars.

Having been in the woods
One may never come out.
Though scrupulous,
A whisper breath will still
remain, like the memory
Of mulch in the nostril,
The coolness of the skin,
The crack of twig, a cobwed brush.
We become inhabited-
The same as we ghost
Forgotten places.
Reverie interupted.


This poet’s voice.
Like honey,
Like an earthquake.
A gentle mountain
With thunder.
Sun and rain,
we smile, we cry.
All vistors
With return tickets.

Heart’s warmth, the only sustaining fire.
We are huddled beings, backs to the night,
glorious in our strangeness, bred for our dreams.
Peculiar are the haunted songs echoing,
peculiar the views we insist upon, peculiar the words,
peculiar the moments.
revivified by the lightest touch,
ignited by the slightest breath,
flowered and flowering,
the thinnest web of cells strung together,
pushing outwards,
holding back,
translating silence.

This one breath
Is ours.
Then than
Is gone.
This stream
Of word
Caught in a
What is
No longer.
A wonder!

Her shell-like,
Bending low to this little earth.
She will turn away
In sorrow and disbelief
Fall and fade
And become dark
And empty
Once more.

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CONVERSATIONS with invisible friends (9)


“Sound exists only
when it is going out of existence.”
And breath as it commingles
With time and blood.
Light, invisible
As it travels,
Until it strikes
And rebounds.
Sway and jigger.
We dance
Though these frozen
Words that so
Seem all to hold
Sane and steady.


The air, so cool and still
Between the raindrops.

A tunnel of whispering song,
A roar of percussion.

Roofs and gutters
Turn relentless descent
Into catalogues of dance.


fills with points of light.


a nest of snakes,
an Ouroborous,
a hiss of tasting,
an absence of beginnings and tail-ends,
a scintillation, perhaps a union of wisdoms,
a sine sign, sinuous, insiduous, sidelong.
An egg, druid’s,
serpents egg:
an unknown wonder, mind meetings,
strings, cat’s cradle, constellations,
caput draconis, circumpolar,
always circumpolar…..
we all,
we all rise and fall together,
weak nuclear, strong nuclear,
circumstantial, scribed, circumscribed,
elegantly drunk on small matters,
dark matters,
harmoniously various,
sustaining togethered.



Every mirror
Never lies
But tells
The familiar tale
In reverse.
The truth
If any,
Neither one
Nor tother,
But floats invisible,
In between.



The dove
Of grace
Sometimes called,
Sometimes shot.


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moon leans down.
spirit of the departed
pale, smiling.

in the yakitori bar
every face
a character from Hiroshige.

we bend to each other
at the unfailing sorrow
of our human condition.
sake tasting
of tears.

warm night
cicadas tisk and tut:
our homeward staggering.


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jade beach1


On Jade Beach,
Looking out west,
Indigo and white, the sea.
Ripples, woven ikat patterns
By the cold wind.

We could not tell
What was precious,
Nor what bestowed
Pockets weighed down
With smoothed fragments
Of beauty.

Dark pine leans out.
An arc of dark sand.
White, cold wind from the mountains.

These pebbles were mountains,
This sea, spring rains.
Looking for signs of heaven,
Dreaming of jade rivers.

Six foot of snow
Deep in the hills.
Inside the grass-roofed houses,
Warm and dark:
Silk-drying racks,
Rice-harvest regalia.

The big drum is silent
But its roundness
Fills up the valleys
All around.

Our footprints along the ice paths
Melted, flowed into the bay.
The cedars redden again with pollen,
Rust-red in the sharp sunlight.

On smooth black sand
The tide rolls a pebble
To and fro.

Your fingertips
Impressed on clay tea-bowl rim.
The fragrance of memory
Bitter and bright.

These roads we take
So winding,
It is difficult to recall
The last views of the sea,
The last of the sunset.
Go on,
We shall not be far behind.

Down to the sea
Looking for immortality.


jade beach8


(no reason why
It should come up.
No reason why
It should not.
The last time we saw you
Burdened but smiling
Far over the mountain passes
Down by the sea
Laughter along the shore
Dark pines listening
A bleak wind
Mountain still deep in snow)



no need to wait
no need to look back.
we are all following,
one by one.
the winding path
into deep mountain

jade beach2

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