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The woods are settled now and full.
Their heavy green skirts spread cool
And pleated in each valley’s green lap.
Nest and nested, crowned with shade,
They glow of a midsummer evening
Into a slow, white bow of twilight
Patterned with bats and owls,
A stretched and quiet expanse,
The tropic and declination of invisible motion,
A singular silvered attendance upon silence.


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Summer rain.
It can almost be forgiven:
Warm, green air.


Storm grey weight
Flowing grasses
Rabbit’s ears twitching.

Darker by degrees
Still air cooling
The first drops


Still life
Hidden sparrows
Slow rain


Slow rain
Hits every leaf
Syncopated greeting.


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There should be cuckoos.
The warm silver clouds
Low with rain
Sheeting the high hills,
Green and weighed down
With yesterday’s light.

There should be cuckoos.
Floating, echoing hidden
Like a gong, like a memory
Turning over the still heart
Melting tight paths of thought,
Manifest distance.

There should be cuckoos.
Inhabiting every wooded fold
Deep in the world
Now settled, fruiting,
Slowly inturning, indwelling
Heading high to solstice
And then the long
Slow burn to harvest.

There should be cuckoos.
Now the hay is turned and gathered
Now creamy elder scents the air,
Worlds in worlds, layered, established.
Angels barefoot down the lanes,
Honeysuckle fingers, messages forgot.

There should be cuckoos
Measuring this loosening, this hollow,
Replacing thought and song
Answering all, settling all,
Letting go, adrift and floating.
Low clouds, rain heavy,
Warm air’s slow somersault
The swaying grasses, the rippling grasses.
From the green world’s roof,
From its rafters,
There should be cuckoos.


(Ornithologically suspect, as cuckoos here in England usually call most in April, but it was the thought of cuckoos on a warm, cloud-filled day in June, that inspired this flow of words.)

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print of ‘Light of Beltane’ created from tree and other plant spirit symbols


These wild mad-eyed men
Fire burning souls, heart-clawed:
Let them cool and rest
Under the dapple of trees,
Let them silent learn to smile,
Let them melt a little
Considering this fragrant air
sufficient, replete.
Breeze-filled, bird-filled,
A hammock for goodness.

Let them drop their hunger,
The carving of empires,
The bitter profits of belief,
The fierce ambitions for more.

Let them love their sons and daughters
And let them remember the open woods.
Let them not fear heaven nor hells
But let them halt and watch
The small things gather, delighted,
Learning the blessing of trees.

Let the heart melt in May,
Let the skin warm, flesh relax, soul unfurl.
For there is a glory to find beneath all things
And it shall shine through
Enough for any,
Enough for all.
Life under trees.

Let the mountains remain open
Let the valleys be all in green shade
Comforted, rocked, whispered.
For there are sufficient deserts,
Howling emptinesses we need no more of,
No more cleansings nor clearings
Nor impositions of sterile order.

Let the heart melt into May,
The cool green fires of Beltane.
Let the soul, with the souls of all, unfurl,
The branching year blossoming.

Beyond is the cool airs turning warm,
Beyond is a place to rest completed,
Beyond is the dream of violet shimmer
The hum of summer, the nest of light.
Under trees, cooled, dappled, blessed.


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This is the first time I’ve put in a link to one of my music projects. This one was specifically for some upcoming teaching sessions in Tokyo. They are not finished pieces, more like sketches, but if you give them a listen I hope you like something about them. Musical senryu perhaps…..


I spent a while looking through old photos from previous trips to Japan. Here are some of the images:

Jindai is not far from where we stay on the edge of Tokyo. We love the place full of beautiful vistas, shrines, temples and, shops and restaurants…

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April notes


April notes.




Unfurl to taste

The spring air.

A thousand dialects of green

Singing in the sunlight,

Floating on the breeze.





Summer settles in.
Hedgerows all green at last:
Elm and ash awake, unfurl.

The first, fierce flash of flowering
Subdued and melted,
Satisfied and seeded;
Dandelions exhale upon
The warmed air.

Skylarks dissolve
Into the high blue,
Swallows sift
The thickening air.

Expand and relax,
Warmth radiates
Into the evenings.

Spring saunters away,
Stopping to smell
The blossoms of May –
Creamy tide of spice,
Her footsteps
Fast covered


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